Supervising Work Related Stress


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Supervising Work Related Stress

9:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Wimborne, Dorset


Work-related stress, depression and anxiety are the most common causes of work-related ill-health and absence for UK businesses. But the adverse effects of harmful stress don’t end there; it can also affect vital business functions, such as staff retention, collaborative working, customer satisfaction, quality, and creativity. This interactive ½ day workshop introduces delegates to a risk-based approach to the management of work-related stress. The course provides line managers and supervisors with the confidence and skills to proactively contribute to an organisation’s stress management policies and procedures. Throughout the session, delegates will participate in interactive and engaging quizzes and individual and group exercises, enabling them to understand how they can contribute to their organisation’s overall and local approach to work-related stress reduction.

Course content

• What is stress?
• Business, legal, and moral case for the management of work-related stress
• The physiological and psychological signs and symptoms of stress
• How stress may affect mental health and influence workplace performance
• A risk-based approach to the management of stress
• Introduction to the HSE stress management standards
• Recognising and engagement with key stakeholders
• Communicating with stakeholders

Who should attend?

This course has been designed to meet the needs of those responsible for the supervision or management of teams. Typically, an organisation will have developed a stress management strategy, but implementing stress policies and procedures can be challenging. Educated and skilled line managers and supervisors are in an excellent position to recognise the presence of unmanaged and negative stress risk factors, enabling them to spot the early signs and symptoms of negative work-related stress and implement local solutions and support where possible.

Delivery Method

The course is typically delivered face to face and involves a combination of interactive tutor-led discussions, quizzes, practical work, and individual exercises.

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