Stress Awareness Training


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Stress Awareness Training

1/2 day or 2 hours

Our stress awareness programme develops understanding of stress for staff at all levels of your organisation. The training is designed to be relative to a customer’s requirements, enabling us to provide this training as a stand-alone 1/2 day workshop format, or in a tailored 2 hour seminar.

This training is an excellent source of information and practical learning. The workshop utilises a variety of interactive methods to introduce the latest scientific research and HSE stress management standards, enabling attendees to contribute to the organisation’s overall stress management plan. By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to recognise sources of workplace and non-workplace stress and utilise appropriate strategies to manage personal stress.

Workshop content

● What is stress?
● Common causes of stress
● The physiological and psychological symptoms of stress
● How stress affects mental health
● How stress can influence workplace performance
● Stress enforcing narratives
● Recognising stress in others
● HSE stress management standards
● Stress relieving techniques
● Introduction to personal stress risk assessment
● A commitment to personal and professional well-being

On completion of the workshop delegates will have:

● A knowledge of what stress is, how it is caused, and the stigma attached to stress
● The ability to recognise signs and symptoms stress in one-self and others
● An insight in to the psychological and physiological symptoms of stress
● An understanding of how stress effects workplace performance and personal wellbeing
● An understanding of stress management strategies and how these might be applied personally
● An ability to recognise personal and professional stress and implement appropriate strategies towards improved personal and professional wellbeing
● The ability to complete a personal stress risk assessment (workplace and non-workplace)