Resilient Leadership


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Resilient Leadership

1/2 day

This 1/2 day workshop is designed to equip senior managers and leaders with the skills and knowledge to manage high levels of stress and build their own resilience enabling them to thrive in their leadership roles.

This workshop is an excellent source of information and applied learning for leaders within organisations who want to optimise their personal and professional well-being through enhanced resilience. The workshop utilises a variety of interactive methods to introduce the latest scientific research around resilient leadership, enabling leaders to pave the way in resilient well-being in the workplace.

Workshop content

  • What makes a resilient leader?
  • The physical and psychological qualities of resilience
  • Am I a resilient leader? Personal exploration into internal resilience
  • What is eroding my resilience?
    > Internal erosion
    > External erosion
  • Managing stress and combating resilience erosion
  • Building resilience in high level performance roles
  • How I can change the stress culture?
  • A commitment to modelling healthy, resilient leadership

On completion of the workshop delegates will have:

  • An appreciation of the qualities of a resilient leader and how to foster it in high level leaderships roles
  • An understanding of what erodes resilience in leaders, how this affects well-being and performance at work
  • Tools to enhance personal resilience through daily well-being strategies and a desire to encourage a culture of open communication around well-being at work

“The thing about winning teams is their resilience. No matter how deep the hole, they find a way to bounce back and overcome adversity.” Nick Saban

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