Personal Resilience Training


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Personal Resilience Training

1/2 day or 2 hours

Our personal resilience training is flexible to the requirements within your organisation. These run as 1/2 day workshops or 2 hour condensed modules for operatives. By the end of the training your operatives will be able to appraise their own resiliency and utilise appropriate strategies to enhance personal and team resilience.

This training session is an excellent source of information and practical learning. The workshop utilises a variety of interactive methods to introduce the latest scientific research around workplace resilience, enabling operatives to understand their own resilience and contribute to the organisation’s culture of well-being. Delegates will learn how to enhance their own resilience as well as start to recognise and support resilience in others.

Workshop content: 

● What is resilience? Individual and team resilience
● Where does it come from? nature/nurture
● The physiological and psychological qualities of resilience
● How resilient am I? Personal exploration into internal resilience
● White knuckled resilience verses a self-compassionate perspective
● What erodes resilience in the workplace
● Combating resilience erosion
● Understanding and encouraging resilience in my colleagues
● A commitment to creating a culture of well-being in my workplace

On completion of the workshop delegates will have:

● A knowledge of what resilience is and how to recognise it
● Tools to assess personal resilience
● An understanding of what erodes personal and team resilience
● Tools to enhance personal resilience through daily well-being strategies
● A desire to encourage a culture of open communication around well-being at work

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