Mindfulness Training


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Mindfulness Training

2 hours

This training has been developed by our own expert in Mindfulness. Training is tailored to meet the needs within your organisation. We can provide a 2 hour taster seminar, or a half day introduction to mindfulness for your operatives. Research shows that Mindfulness has a plethora of benefits. Including positively impacting on mental health, decreasing the physiological markers of stress and improving academic and work-based performance.

Our mindfulness training will take delegates on a unique journey to explore how they think and learn to bring a greater degree of calm and understanding to their experiences, both at home and at work. Delegates will learn how to deal with difficult emotions and stressful circumstances, by changing the way they handle their perceptions, relationships and behaviours. Mindful operatives make for happier and healthier teams.

Workshop content

● What is mindfulness?
● Mindfulness in a busy workplace
● How mindfulness can change your relationship with stress for the better
● An introduction to mindfulness meditation
● An introduction to micro-practices: How to be mindful in the moment
● How mindfulness changes your brain
● Taking care of yourself and your colleagues: The mindful way

On completion of the workshop delegates will have:

● Have an increased understanding of what mindfulness is and how to apply it
● Experienced mindfulness meditation practice and know how to build this into their lives
● Understand how to apply on-the-spot micro practices to reduce stress at work
● An awareness of how mindfulness can make lasting positive changes in the brain the promote healthier patterns of thinking and a deeper sense of mental well-being

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