Mindfulness Leadership


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Mindfulness Leadership

1/2 day

This half-day training session has been developed by our own expert in Mindfulness. Research shows that Mindfulness enhances our ability to manage high level stress, increases our executive functioning, and allows for deeper insight when problem solving. Mindful leadership is oriented around being present and available to your teams, without experiencing burnout! We offer leaders within your organisation the opportunity to learn how to embed a more mindful approach to their leadership roles.

Workshop content

● What is mindfulness?
● How mindfulness can change your relationship with high level stress
● Mindful and emotionally intelligent leadership
● An introduction to mindfulness meditation
● An introduction to micro-practices: How to be mindful in the moment!
● Mindfulness and neuroscience
● Creating a more mindful workplace

On completion of the workshop delegates will have:

● An increased understanding of what mindfulness is and how to apply it within their leadership
● Experienced Mindfulness meditation practice and know how to build this into their lives
● An understanding of how to apply on-the-spot micro practices to reduce high level stress and increase neuro-executive output

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