Managing Stress in the Workplace


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Managing Stress in the Workplace

1 day

This 1 day workshop empowers managers and leaders to implement a sustainable stress management process. This process builds on the HSE’s stress management standards, equipping managers with the confidence and skills required to discuss mental wellbeing. It also provides a stress toolkit designed to reduce workplace stress for both individuals and teams.

This interactive workshop applies the HSE stress management standards and introduces managers to our unique stress management toolkit. Our toolkit takes the well-established HSE’s hierarchy of risk control measures and applies it to assess and facilitate enhanced individual and team-based well-being at work. As a team leader, delegates will be able to take this toolkit into annual performance review meetings to help open up conversations around stress and guide employee support.

Workshop content:

● What is stress?
● Common causes of stress
● The physiological and psychological symptoms of stress
● How stress affects mental health
● How stress can influence workplace performance
● Stress enforcing narratives
● How interpretations and perceptions affect experiences
● Recognising stress in others
● HSE stress management standards
● Stress management techniques for individuals and teams
● Introduction to our stress toolkit
● Implementing the stress toolkit towards organisational stress management program
● Implementing the personal stress risk assessment within annual performance reviews
● Reasonable adjustments to support those who are affected by stress
● Creating a culture of workplace well-being

On completion of the workshop delegates will have:

● A knowledge of what stress is, how it is caused, symptoms, and a managers legal responsibilities relating to stress and stigma in the workplace
● An understanding of how stress effects workplace performance and personal well-being
● A practical understanding of how to implement the stress toolkit within the workplace
● An applied knowledge of personal stress awareness. Delegates will be learn how to lead by example, modelling good well-being strategies to the workforce supporting a culture of well-being for all
● An ability to embed the personal stress risk assessment within annual performance reviews
● An understanding of how to make reasonable adjustments to support staff well-being

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