Building Resilient Teams


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Building Resilient Teams

1 day

Training in resilience has to be a key priority in enhancing organisational performance (Bardoel et al 2014). Fostering team resilience contributes to a high achieving and less stressed workforce (Werneburg et al 2018). This one day resilience training course is an informative and practical learning opportunity for team leaders and managers. Our training is based on current scientific evidence surrounding resilience and how to enhance personal resilience, well-being and occupational performance. This training also equips managers with strategies to promote team resilience and workplace well-being for all.

This 1 day workshop is an excellent source of information and practical learning opportunities. The workshop utilises a variety of interactive methods to introduce the latest scientific research around workplace resilience, enabling managers to lead in promoting a culture of workplace well-being. By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to appraise their own resiliency in the context of leading teams and utilise appropriate strategies to enhance personal and team resilience.

Workshop Content:

● What is resilience? Individual and team resilience
● Where does it come from? Nature/nurture
● The physical and psychological qualities of resilience
● Am I a resilient leader? Personal exploration into internal resilience
● Appreciating resilience in teams: unseen resilience and hidden depths
● White knuckled resilience verses a self-compassionate perspective
● What erodes resilience in the workplace
● Combating resilience erosion and stigma
● Understanding and encouraging resilience in my colleagues
● Strategies for enhancing team resilience
● How to support those who are struggling to ‘bounce back’
● Facilitating a team approach to reasonable adjustments
● A commitment to creating a culture of workplace well-being

On completion of the workshop delegates will have:

● A knowledge of what resilience is and how to recognise it both individually and within a team
● Tools to assess personal and team resiliency
● An understanding of what erodes personal and team resilience and how this affects team well-being and performance
● Tools to enhance personal and team resilience through daily well-being strategies
● An applied understanding of how to encourage a culture of open communication around well-being within teams
● An understanding of how to create a sustainable culture of resilience and collegial support within teams

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