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Health and wellbeing courses

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Work related stress is on the increase (HSE 2018). Between 2017 and 2018, stress, anxiety and depression caused 44% of work-related illnesses in the UK. 57% of all absences were the result of stress or poor mental health; that’s 15.4 million sick days every year!

By prioritising well-being and mental health, your organisation can realise a healthier, happier and more productive workforce. It will reduce absenteeism, presenteeism an leaveism. Recent research shows that around 90% of workers believe that neither presenteeism or leaveism are viewed as a priority by the board, and less than six in ten (58%) say their organisation is currently meeting the basic legal requirements for reducing stress in the workplace. As we all know a workforce which doesn’t feel valued is less likely to be engaged at work.

Ouch are able to offer and deliver a range of health and wellbeing courses to support your company strategy on health and wellbeing in the workplace. Our trainers are experienced and trained in the management of health and wellbeing in the workplace, Health and safety and Mental health first aid.

At Ouch, it’s our vision to empower you to create a culture of workplace and well-being that leads to engaged, stronger and more capable teams. 

We focus on prevention rather than cure!

Positive workplace well-being is scientifically proven to be linked to employee resilience and their ability to manage personal and work related stress (Culbertson et al 2010; Werneburg et al, 2018). At Ouch, we have developed a suite of high quality stress management, mindfulness and resilience workshops that are appropriate and accessible for all levels of an organisation.

We can’t wait to support your journey towards healthier, happier and more successful team outcomes, so get in tough and we’ll do the rest!

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Management of Stress
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Supervising Work Related Stress
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