Bespoke Health & Safety Training


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Bespoke Health & Safety Training

Any of the courses we offer can be tailored to your individual organisation or industry specific. Alternatively, if you have a specific training requirement not already covered by us we are happy to design a course for you using our extensive pool of highly experienced trainers.

Benefits of Bespoke Training


Tailored Content– work directly with the trainer to develop a course that exactly meets your team’s requirements. We well undertake extensive research in your organisation or subject area to ensure the content meets the objective.

Flexible – Hold the course at a convenient time or when you need it. Spread the training over a series of shorter intensive courses or longer sessions.

Relevant– Bespoke courses allows the opportunity to tailor the content to your organisation or industry, this ensures it is relevant and engaging for your teams.

Save time and money– Bringing a course in-house not only reduces the cost per delegate but also saves on travel expenses and time away from the office.

Please see some examples of our Bespoke Training:

Behavioural Safety for Wessex Water

Wessex Water BlueGreen CMYK logo We have worked closely with Wessex Water to develop an appropriate Behavioural Safety training programme for all its staff. After following a lengthy consultation process with the Health and Safety team; it was decided that two courses aimed at different levels of the business. These courses were designed to supplement existing and future behavioural safety initiatives. It was decided that a half day introduction to behavioural safety would be appropriate for operatives and a two day behavioural safety program would be more suitable for managers and senior managers. These courses provided both the information and tools required for all delegates to actively participate in WECS behavioural safety program.

“This was a very good, well thought out course and has given many useful ideas and helpful hints on how to handle and look out for myself and colleagues at work.” Darren Cutler, Operative Wessex Water

“Simon gave a refreshing change to the usual format, his approach was good, a lot better than the usual courses.” Richard Lewis, Manager Wessex Water

Manual Handling for Sunseeker Ltd

As a valued Ouch client; Sunseeker Ltd requested a need for a bespoke Manual Handling course to tackle issues that their employees faced on a daily basis. We were able to tailored our Manual Handling course to deal with a combination of issues relating to manufacturing, handling articles and substances in restricted spaces and cramped working conditions.

Emergency First Aid for Outdoors for the Youth Hostel Association

The Youth Hostel Association wanted us to deliver an interactive, fun and engaging First Aid course; that focused on lower risk outdoor activities in isolated areas. This one day course was well received and was rolled out Nationwide to centres across the UK.

Incident Support Unit First Aid Course for the Highways Agency

The ISU First Aid Course was designed specifically for the Highways Agency and focused on specific road traffic emergency scenarios. The training enabled ISU crews to offer practical first aid assistance at the scene of an incident and provide first aid cover for crews working in isolated areas away from the emergency services.

Fire Warden Construction Industry Course for Kier Construction

Working closely with Kier Construction, we were able to gain a greater understanding of the organisations policies and procedures. Using our own extensive knowledge to interpret current legislation we provided guidance how to implement an appropriate Fire Warden policy to safeguard employees.

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