Food Hygiene Courses


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Food Hygiene Courses

Illness arising from eating contaminated food is readily preventable through good food hygiene practices. These good food hygiene practices stem from food handlers having adequate food knowledge and training.

Food Hygiene training is an essential weapon in the fight against food poisoning and an increase in food safety awareness will reduce the chances of it occurring. Ouch Training Team offers practical nationally recognised courses that are designed and accredited by Highfield Qualifications.

Each year it is estimated that as many as 5.5 million people in the UK may suffer from food poisoning. If germs are allowed to survive and multiply, they can cause potentially serious illness when food is eaten. Extra care is needed to control food temperatures and avoid cross-contamination, which occurs when germs are spread to other foods via hands, or kitchen utensils.

Good kitchen and personal hygiene, as well as sensible food storage and preparation, are vital when helping to control the spread of harmful germs.

What Our Clients Say

Our valued clients from our Food Hygiene courses had these comments:

“The Ouch trainer was such a great teacher, they made the day fun and was extremely knowledgeable- as expected”. Penelope Symes, Skills and Learning

“This was a great course, the trainer got everyone engaged and made the topic really interesting.” Gina Hine, Booth Centre

“Having recently been involved in an environments health inspection the content of the course was a solid reflection of the requirements of the HSE.” Anonymous, Knowledge Pool Group

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Sorry! Online booking not available at the moment. Please call/email us.