Driver CPC – Vehicle Fire Safety


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Driver CPC – Vehicle Fire Safety

This course is designed to provide an appropriate level of fire awareness for drivers. This course will enable candidates to become the first line of defence in the prevention and management of fire safety in company vehicles. This course has been approved by the Joint Approvals Unit Periodic Training (JAUPT) and qualifies for 3.5 Driver CPC hours.

Who needs this training?

Any potential, new or existing bus, coach or lorry drivers requiring Driver CPC Vehicle Fire Safety training.

Why is this training important?

It is a legal requirement to ensure that employees are aware of the correct actions to take in emergency situations. This course ensures drivers have a better understanding of vehicle fire hazards.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of training successful candidates will be able to@

  • Understand vehicle fire statistics
  • Understand types and causes of vehicle fires
  • Understand legislation related to vehicle fire safety
  • Understand the chemistry of fire, including:

    • Definitions
    • Classification
    • Terminology

  • Understand vehicle ignition sources
  • Understand what car burn (Fuel Sources)
  • Understand fire hazards
  • Understand types of extinguishing media
  • Proper use of fire extinguishers

Course Details

Assessment: Not applicable

Duration: Half day program

Driver CPC: 3.5 hours

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Did You Know?

In some American states it is illegal to drive whilst wearing a blindfold. (But it’s not illegal in all states)

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