Introduction to Professional Boundaries


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Introduction to Professional Boundaries

This short course is designed for people who work with the public as a service provider. It will enable them to establish professional boundaries thus protecting themselves, their company and the client.
It will give the service provider the confidence to create a professional boundary and ensure that the line is not crossed.
This not only covers communication and confidentiality but also social media where there are hidden risks.
The course content can be tailored specifically to your company’s requirements. It can utilise existing company policies and procedures, highlighting and addressing any relevant areas of concern.
This course builds upon recognised models of safeguarding, equality and diversity.

Who is it for?

This qualification is aimed at professionals who need to gain an under-standing of the importance of setting and keeping appropriate professional boundaries.

Topics covered include:

Professionals in the workplace will be able to challenge and refresh their thinking in line with Company policies and procedures. You will learn to recognise when boundaries are being tested and select appropriate strategies to manage situations effectively.

Course Objectives

-Clearly describe expected behaviours in a workplace environment and feel confident to implement agreed boundaries
-Recognise the risks and controls needed to manage boundaries. (Inc. social media)
-Understand the difference between personal and professional behaviours
-Navigate and manage complex situations effectively
-Describe good working practice and reflect on their own development
-Recognise vulnerable clients and be aware of how to appropriately accommodate their individual needs.


On going assessment throughout session

Course Duration

Three hours