UKATA / IATP Asbestos Awareness Refresher


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UKATA / IATP Asbestos Awareness Refresher

‘There is no legal requirement to repeat a formal refresher awareness training course every 12 months. However some form of refresher awareness should be given, as necessary’ CAR 2012 – ACoP (L143 second edition)

Employees who have conducted initial awareness training within the previous prescribed time period (12-18 months) and can satisfy the requirements of the training needs analysis (TNA), are not required to attend a full asbestos awareness training course, however it is advised that some form of refresher training is conducted.

Who needs this qualification? 

Asbestos awareness refresher training is designed for employees whose work could expose them to asbestos, and have completed initial asbestos awareness training within the prescribed time period. The following training programme for asbestos awareness training is recommended:

Year 1 Asbestos Awareness (full course)
Year 2 Asbestos Awareness (refresher)
Year 3 Asbestos Awareness (full course)

The recommended duration of the asbestos awareness refresher course is two hours minimum.

On completion of the course delegates will have:

• An understand of the legislation relating to asbestos
• An understanding of how asbestos can damage your health
• Knowledge on how to decipher the types, uses and likely occurrences of asbestos
• An understanding of the use of management plans to prevent asbestos fibre disturbance
• Knowledge of emergency procedures

Course content

• Module 1a: History and properties of asbestos
• Module 1b: Health effects of asbestos
• Module 2: Types, uses and likely occurrences of ACM’s
• Module 3: Avoiding the risk of exposure
• Module 4: Legislation

On completion of the course each delegate will receive an asbestos reference manual and an asbestos awareness refresher certificate.
This course can be delivered at the client’s venue, or via remote ‘Zoom’ video conferencing, with a ratio of one trainer per 16 delegates.


“Always very informative and interesting course at Ouch” T. Sparkes – UKATA/AAR.

Course Duration

2 hours

Aftercare Support

Our training doesn’t end when the course finishes, we provide on-going advice and support:

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  • Join our social media discussions and ask questions to help progress your learning when your back in your working environment

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