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Health and Safety Training



From Somerset to Yorkshire, we provide our unique brand of practical training across the country for the Youth Hostel Association. We are proud to be working in partnership with the YHA delivering a fresh, new approach to first aid training. The YHA have always been enthused by the energy and charisma of our experienced trainers, and we aim to ensure our courses are fun and innovative.


What we have achieved

Working in collaboration with the YHA, we have provided training for over 1500 members of staff, providing;

  • 1492 employees the skills to save a life
  • 87 workers received specialised training in administering first aid in an outdoor environment

What they thought about the training

83% of YHA delegates thought the course delivered was fun and engaging

63% of attendees said they will definitely use the skills they had learnt in their job role

“Good course, that was well presented- Max was an excellent trainer. In enjoyed taking part and learned a lot, which I will more than likely use in my day to day role.” Hayley Buckman- Emergency First Aid Outdoors