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Behavioural Safety Success


Wessex Water are committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of its staff, contractors and customers. One of their core beliefs is that staff, irrespective of their position; are empowered to ensure health and safety is not an ‘optional extra’. In order to develop the organisations’ safety culture, Wessex Water decided to draw upon Ouch’s team of experienced health and safety professionals for support and advice.


The Challenge

Wessex Water wanted to engage its employees at various levels of the business with the idea of a ‘safer ethos’ and we believed developing an exclusive behavioural safety course was a great way of doing so. The early concept of the course emerged from an existing vision at Wessex Water and from behaviour research conducted by Ouch Training.

Our key objectives were to:

  • Engage staff with protecting themselves and fellow colleagues from harm
  • Motivate and inspire ownership of health and safety responsibilities
  • Develop a safety culture throughout all levels of the business


Our Approach

We carried out initial research to uncover Wessex Water’s needs and goals- the results clearly demonstrated that a need to motivate and engage staff with their responsibilities in relation to health and safety would likely be a great fit. Having validated the idea with Wessex Water’s Management teams, we begun work on defining detailed, overarching research into the principles of behavioural safety to ensure we created an inspiring and functional course.

“Our work with Simon and the team at Ouch training has helped support our ongoing health and safety “Make it right” and “Check 5” program. Simon worked closely with our health and safety team and operational staff to develop and deliver a bespoke behavioural safety training program. The program consisted of awareness training for operatives and leadership training for supervisors and managers.  This program was delivered across all areas of the organisation to over 550 operatives and 105 managers.”
Stephen Penn, Compliance Manager – Wessex Engineering & Construction Services 


Impact & Results

The training was really well received by the attendees who felt the training was delivered at the right level, highlighting the behavioural safety issues they may encounter.

“Ouch’s involvement in our “Make it right” program has definitely helped us improve the safety culture/behaviours across all levels of the organisation.  Our “Make it right” program received a Sector Commendation  award from ROSPA last year and the training and support from Simon definitely contributed to our success.”
Stephen Penn, Compliance Manager –  Wessex Engineering & Construction Services 


What’s next?

We are now working with Wessex Water on a number of other projects;

  1. The design and development of a bespoke behavioural change model and subsequent tools. We expect the model will be used to support managers and safety advisers across all levels of the organisation.
  2.  Evaluating and improving methods of communicating health and safety issues throughout Wessex Water.


“Over the last 18 months I have worked closely with Simon and have appreciated his expertise, advice and enthusiasm, going forward we will definitely be continuing to work closely with Simon and Ouch.”

“Finally I would like to say that I can whole heartedly recommend Simon and the Ouch team to those looking to access their training and consultancy services.”
Stephen Penn, Compliance Manager –  Wessex Engineering & Construction Services